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HOME: Welcome


As the seasons change, and Spring unveils, the bees start their journey for the first taste of food that is not from their hives.  They prefer an environment that is not too windy or cold to gather pollen. Spring in the countryside has our bees producing wild flower honey.  The bees forage on pussy willows, maple, pine and linden trees.  Deeper in the woods are the findings of trillium flowers and colts foot.  However, the dandelion is always sought after, as it is the bees favorite of foods. 

Weeks later (if we do not get a killing frost), a delicate divine apply honey is produced from our organic non-sprayed apple orchard.

The summer months bring us a broad range of clovers, alfalfa, and flower varieties, collected by the bees depending on where the hives are placed.  Our buckwheat, when planted, will bloom until frost if the weather cooperates. Sunflower and goldenrod honey may also be produced depending on the availability in the fields. 

In early August the supers (honey boxes) are removed in order to prepare for the winter season.  As our season is short, we as beekeepers are kept very busy in order to cultivate all we can to produce award winning honey. 

HOME: Our Farm


Upon returning to my Mother’s birth place of Glengarry, I realized on our 50+ acres of land, just how many wonderful plants there are here for honey bees.

I am now the only farmer among the clan here at our home of 5 generations.

I was fortunate to meet up with a man with whom I share many similar interests.  Our conversation one day had us debating over whether to travel or get a horse?  The horse won!  Years have passed since the suggestion of a few hives.  We have grown to 10 additional fields around Glengarry.  Each day new adventures arise in the art of honey making on this beautiful land we call home. 

HOME: Our Farm


Want to learn more about our farm? Get in touch!

19846 County Road 25 Green Valley, ON KOC 1LO

T: 1-613-525-0402

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